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Salomon Freeski TV

Salomon Freeski TV, now in it’s 8th season, is our flagship web series. In 8 years, we have produced over 100 episodes which have earned more than 30 million views on the internet. While viewer numbers are important to Salomon, what’s even more important is the emotional connection and engagement we are making with the viewer. For the brand, the quality of the comments on an episode is the most important unit of measure. With each episode, our goal is to inspire the viewer, move them emotionally and connect with them. Though it started as an experiment in 2007, Salomon considers Salomon Freeski TV to be it’s most successful marketing initiative to date.

Salomon Freeski TV consists of 12 short films/episodes per season from ski locations around the globe. The episodes air online between October and March and vary in length between 4 and 30 mintues. They play bi-weekly on approximately 15 of the most popular ski and outdoor websites across the world. In addition to our dedicate online following certain short films are selected and tour with major outdoor & adventure film festivals such as, The Banff Mountain Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, & Kendal Mountain Film festival (to name just a few). The Salomon Freeski TV series has been extremely sucessful with it's mountain film initiative garnering many awards, and a extremely positive and large viewership.

We are now in production on Season 9 of Salomon Freeski TV and a new series of short films/episodes.



SNOWMAN - A true story of risk and redemption in the mountains.

The feature length documentary from Switchback Entertainment, SNOWMAN.

“A lot of people associate risk with danger, but risk is everywhere, in everything. There’s risk in skiing in avalanche terrain, there’s risk asking a girl to dance. There’s also risk in breaking away from the path you were expected to take.”

From childhood, Kevin Fogolin dreamed of living and working in the mountains. Growing up on an island on British Columbia's west coast, the view of the mountains across the straight became a compass by which he would navigate life. Early on, he shared his obsession for skiing and snow with an equally snow-crazed friend from up the street, Mike Douglas. Through a youth spent skiing and exploring together in the mountains, they developed a bond founded on adventure and an unspoken relationship with risk.

SNOWMAN follows two dreamers as they graduate from an adolescence spent roaming the hills into the real world, where they are faced with the choice between following their passion or appeasing the expectations typical of any blue collar town—the more certain path to a good job. Opting to step off the path Mike succeeds in living and prospering in the mountains. As a professional skier based in Whistler, he graces magazine covers, stars in films with ski icons like Shane McConkey and Jonny Moseley, and becomes an icon himself.

Having abandoned the mountains, years later Kevin breaks the shackles to find his way back to the mountains. His original dream is realized when he becomes an avalanche forecaster and consultant in B.C.’s rugged Coast Range, where he evaluates snowpack threats to industrial projects and frequently stabilizes these through pre-emptive avalanches triggered with 25-kg bags of explosives deployed from a helicopter. The dream, however, comes crashing down when one of these missions goes horribly wrong.

In the aftermath, Kevin and Mike are forced to confront the risks and rewards of a shared passion they prescribed in childhood. By returning to the mountains to process events, they rekindle their friendship, and Kevin finds new perspective on risk and, ultimately, the courage to pursue the dream to its logical conclusion.

Set in B.C.'s dramatic Coast Range mountains, SNOWMAN is a familiar tale of dreaming big and the barriers—both benign and catastrophic—to realizing a childhood fantasy. It's the story of a friendship forged in the mountains, and a lifestyle where the greatest risk is not daring to dream at all.

World Premiere of SNOWMAN is December 7th, 2014 at the Whistler Film Festival


Tempting Fear - Inside the Mind of Extreme Skier Andreas Fransson

Andreas Fransson has been called the boldest extreme skier in a generation. Over the past 3 years he’s logged first descents in a half-dozen countries, battled back to life from an accident that nearly killed him, and become the most talked about skier in the epicenter of all things extreme – Chamonix, France.

What makes Andreas most intriguing, however, are his thoughtful musings on meaning from a life on the edge - a willingness to enter mental spaces that few have ever experienced. In Tempting Fear Sweden’s soft-spoken Adventurer of the Year explores a place in which fear overwhelms all emotions, playing both friend and enemy in a pas de deux where death lies just one misstep away.

Tempting Fear is a Salomon Freeski TV original production.
Tempting Fear

The Freedom Chair

  • VIMFF Award
  • LA Award
  • Best Shorts Award
  • Palm Bay Award
  • Cold Smoke Award
  • Most Inspiring Award
  • People's Choice Award
  • Best Feature

Josh Dueck was an aspiring skier and coach until a ski accident in 2004 changed his life for good. After coming to the realization that he would never walk again, Josh made a conscious decision to make the best of a terrible situation. Within 1 year he was back on snow doing what he loved, and shortly after, his determination took him to the top of the podium in the sport of sit-skiing. Despite his success in the world of competitive skiing, he wasn't satisfied as a skier. Josh's dream is to tackle the backcountry, and the steepest and wildest mountains in the world. In ‘The Freedom Chair’, it's a dream fulfilled.

Initially, we'd set out to make an episode of the web series Salomon Freeski TV with Josh, but after spending a few days with him we realized the true power of his story and knew we had to do more.

Whistler Blackcomb - The Beyond Series - Outside the lines. Beyond the limits.

The Beyond Series, a 4 part web-series taking a closer look at the people that make the place and their dedication to never standing still.

To view the BEYOND SERIES, and it's campaign.

Whistler Blackcomb - The Wonder Reels Season 1 & 2

Switchback Entertainment and Origin Design and Communications have partnered with Whistler Blackcomb to showcase the Wonder that is Whistler through an 8-episode web series starting Fall 2012 and Fall 2013.

Whistler Blackcomb Wonder

Whistler Blackcomb - Embedded

In June 2011, the creative team at Origin Design pulled us into a meeting about a concept they were pitching to world-leading ski resort, Whistler Blackcomb. The goal was to create a buzz to kick off the start of the 2011/12 Winter season. The project was called ’EMBEDDED - Inside The Story’. The plan was to have Mike Douglas embedded into the resort operations during the week leading up to the opening of ski season. Mike would live in a small hut on the summit of Whistler mountain for 6 days and nights, all the while documenting everything on camera.

The major challenge was that Whistler Blackcomb wanted to broadcast this to the world in as close to a real time scenario as possible, while maintaining a very high-quality, cinematic look to the production. For 7 straight days our team churned through the content, turning around a fresh webisode in than 24 hours. In the end we broadcasted 6, 3 - 4 minute webisodes which earned over 200,000 views through the week. The entire campaign was deemed a huge success, and helped boost early season bookings at the resort.
Whistler Blackcomb Embedded

Whistler Blackcomb - Addtional Work

Tourism Whistler

Gibbons Life